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The right lid for every pot

Für jeden Topf den richtigen Deckel – ‘the right lid for every pot’, or, as we might say in English, ‘horses for courses’.

Running a business takes grit, hard work and a good dose of humility. Having been self-employed for fourteen years, I’ve had time to learn that success as an independent translator takes more than language skills. It requires project management, organisation, administration, research, marketing, IT knowhow, and business acumen. Most of all, it takes the humility to recognise the limits to your own skill-set and the common sense to draw on the expertise of others.

And so, when filing my annual tax return, I call on the services of my accountant. When I need investment and pension advice, I turn to my financial advisor. When I want something translated into German, I use a native German translator. And when I decided to refresh my company logo and set up a new website to market my business, I contacted Charlie Kranz.

I was given Charlie’s name by my friend and fellow freelancer, Nathalie Moyano. He came highly recommended, and with good reason. Thanks to his technical knowledge, creative flair, attention to detail and endless patience, I have a new brand image and web presence that have far exceeded my expectations. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

I would like to thank Charlie Kranz and all those who have accompanied me on my freelance translation journey, whether with professional help, practical advice, or encouragement. Your support has allowed me to focus on what I do best. And you’ve kept many ‘pots’ from boiling over!

If you’d like to contact Charlie, you’ll find him here.